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 Getting Married In Portugal


 There are two ways of doing this. One is easy, doing all the legalities first in your home
 country and the other is doing the legalities in Portugal; however this is more time consuming.

 Our recommendation is that the most straightforward method is for you do the legal side back home and then come over to Portugal
 and have a blessing ceremony with one of   our Anglican (or other) Priests. Your guests need not know that you have already
 done this as the blessing ceremony is performed just like a normal marriage ceremony. The ceremony in the location of your choice.

If you decide to do the legal part of your marriage here in Portugal, you will need certified birth certificates with an Apostile stamp issued no more than six months prior to the application, along with copies of your passports.
These documents then need to be translated by an official translator and then this translation must be certified by the Portuguese Notary. We will also deal with this on your behalf. Once we have all of these documents then they can be handed into the registry office here and after a few days, once they have made sure that all the documents are correct, the date can be booked. There is no guarantee that they will be available on the date that you want this will all be down to availability. The costs will be Euros 1,300. 

We can handle all the documentation on your behalf up to the point of handing the documents to the registrar, you will need to be present at this me.

Should you wish, it is now possible to hold a Catholic religious ceremony and complete the civil registration at the same time.

Algarve Blessings are the recommended wedding planners for All Saints Anglican Church

Recommended by The Portugal News, Portugal's National newspaper in English, established since 1977 Click to read Algarve Blessings is part of Standing Ovation, one of the leading event organisers in the Algarve

A formal or informal Wedding Service
Your guests will experience a moving ceremony in a location of your choice, be it the beach, private villa or a hotel or restaurant if that is your requirement. If you are dreaming of something 'out of the ordinary' or really diferent, have a look at our Themed Weddings

A traditional Anglican service
We have available several churches and even some historic chapels of outstanding beauty throughout the Algarve.

We are happy to help with all the legalities
Whatever choice you make, we are there to assist and advise you. Please see the notes on the left for a brief overview and our recommendations and suggestions about getting married in Portugal